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Remote Learning Opportunities 18/11/2021

There's a brand new, exciting opportunity for all players, based anywhere, for you to try out! We are thrilled to announce our latest online coaching portal introduced to help players improve and progress during lockdown. There are a range of packages for all, including a basic, gold and platinum package, each containing different improvement opportunities.

Basic E-Coaching Package
Each package requires you to send in video footage to us, which we will analyse and identify potential issues. For the video, we require footage of batsmen, front and side on initially and bowler, front on, side on and from behind. From then, we will produce a PDF report including stills and annotations. For the basic e-coaching package, our main areas of focus will be, technical improvement and visual aids with feedback included. This is the perfect package for anyone wanting a convenient way to improve on their skills and get virtual help on any issues they think they may need to better.

Gold E-Coaching Package
For the gold e-coaching package, we require the same video footage, where we will identify any issues and also include some remedial actions for an added extra way to improve your skills. In our PDF report, there will be some remedial activities as well, for a more physical understanding of how to develop. Within the gold e-coaching package, you will receive technical analysis, actions and activities which give additional exercises to help with ability, identification of any potential issues and a PDF report including annotations on the video footage sent in. This package is ideal for anyone looking for the extra step to improve.

Platinum E-Coaching Package
Lastly, the platinum e-coaching package includes everything you have read above, however, it also includes an improvement plan and the opportunity to discuss your skills and ability with a coach online. Furthermore, the PDF report will have an added bonus of activities provided to form a progressive improvement plan. By getting the time to talk to a coach online and obtain an improvement plan, you get that further step in bettering your skills and maintaining a higher quality ability level. This is a diverse product developed as a resolution to Covid-19 to enable you, wherever you live, to make improvements while living under these restrictions. Head over to the Book & Pay Here section to book a package now!

The Importance of Socialising in Sports

It's obvious that playing your favourite sport is super fun, but there are also so many social benefits for children that are sometimes overlooked. Here at All Round Cricket Coaching, we like to make sure that not only is your child having fun and learning how to improve their cricket skills, but that they are also getting the most out of the social benefits that playing sport can offer.

Being able to work in a team is crucial in becoming a great cricketer as communication is key, but that is not the only benefit. Not only do we love it when the children we teach learn from their coaches, but when working in their teams, they also learn from each other which is hugely helpful when it comes to them making friends.

Mental Health
It has been said that physical exercise is useful in helping with mental health (even though sometimes it can be difficult!). Studies have shown that exercise has a positive effect on depression, anxiety and self-esteem and getting that physical exercise in a group environment will help with all those factors when it comes to socialising.

When it comes to learning skills for the future, leadership is one of the most important. There are so many factors when it comes to being the leader of a group. Firstly, decision making, (no one wants an indecisive leader), is great as it teaches kids to make their own minds and secondly, compassion, as everyone makes mistakes and as a leader you have to accept it and help others along their way, which is exactly what the kids learn when taking charge in their own groups.

Better Mood
Similar to the mental health section, exercise is a substantial factor when it comes to improving your mood, which helps when it comes to making friends. We like to link back to making friends as much as possible as that really is the true benefit of socialising. For those who may find it difficult, the physical exercise that sport brings will help their mood, which in turn, will help with making friends.

Yes, it may be obvious to most, but kindness can be an aspect that can get lost in teaching, which is why working in a social setting can help with that. They may win or they may lose and either way, remaining kind to the rest of their teammates is a social skill that will stay with the players for the rest of their lives. We hope that all of these skills help the kids on their journey of growing and are valuable to them.