ARCC Academy Senior RGS JAN 2022

£120.00 Was £135.00

Our junior academy will enjoy all of the benefits the seniors enjoy and will have bespoke training sessions aimed at their progress levels.

Advanced technical analysis

Mental Health and well-being

Cutting Edge technology

Skill improvements

Tactical skills Enhanced

Technical videos

These sessions conducted by Level 3 coaches and current professionals, are designed to offer players the opportunity to improve any technical skills they require, whilst enhancing there gamesmanship.
The programme aims to assist players understand their strengths and when and how to execute them to best effect.
All attendees will be given opportunities to feedback and have their own bespoke training plan at the end of course.
Starting October 12th runs for 6 sessions. Then continues with a further 5 sessions after half term at additional cost.
8pm to 9.15pm

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ARCC Academy Senior RGS JAN 2022

£120.00 Was £135.00