Platinum E Coaching package

£75.00 Was £80.00

Technical improvement

Technical analysis

Potential issue's identification

Progressive Improvement plan

Discuss with coach online

PDF report

Remedial activities


This product requires you to submit video footage of your technique.
Once received we will analyse, make observations and identify potential issues. give remedial actions and improvement plan and it also gives you the opportunity to discuss with a coach online.
You will be provided with a PDF report which includes still pictures annotations and example remedial activities provided to form a progressive improvement plan.
This is a comprehensive product developed as a solution to covid i19 to enabling you to make improvements whilst living under these restrictions anywhere in the world.
For video analysis we require video footage for for the following,

Batsmen, front and side on initially if we require more we will be in contact.

Bowler, front on, side on and from behind